Embrace Your Feminine Power and Goddess Archetypes

Online Course $99

Do you often feel something is missing in your life and you have a deep yearning within you to fully express your gifts and potentials? 

Do you sometimes feel you want more in life, be it in relationships or career, and you desire a more inspiring and fulfilling life?

If you answer YES to this type of questions, then this course may just be right for you to gain more clarity and courage to transform your life.

A Goddess archetype is the inner pattern of  a woman’s psyche. Each goddess archetype represents a set of instinct, interest and personality traits. So often we carry on with life without a deeper understanding of who we truly are, but only who we “should” be. Often we don’t know why we get into repetitive behavioral or relationship patterns that may not serve us. We may wonder, is there all there is to life?

Learning about your natural goddess archetypes will add authenticity and purpose into your life. It also allows us to fully accept and love who we truly are. You may have more than one Goddess Archetypes in you and their influences tend to change as you grow and mature. 

In this online course, you will learn about how to live out your personal myth and follow your bliss. You will come to meet 6 Greek goddess archetypes, and learn from their myths and wisdom. You will discover those archetypes who are active in you and the ways to grow beyond. You will also receive reflective questions, accompany ebook and meditation to further support your Heroine Journey, your inner transformation journey. 

  • Introduction Video
  • 9 Audio Classes
  • Reflective questions to deepen your self-reflection
  • “Discover Your Inner Goddesses” eBook
  • Meditation to connect with your inner goddesses

All items will be delivered digitally.

List of Audio Classes:

Class 1: Follow Your Bliss, Finding Your Passion & Purpose in Life

Class 2: Discover Your Goddess Archetypes

Class 3: Athena – Goddess of Wisdom and Craft – The Strategist

Class 4: Artemis – Goddess of Hunt and Moon – The Activist & Protector

Class 5: Demeter – Goddess of Grain – The Nurturer

Class 6: Persephone – Goddess of Underworld – The Mystic

Class 7: Hera – Goddess of Marriage – The Queen

Class 8: Aphrodite – Goddess of Love & Beauty – The Transformer

Class 9: Women Cycle of Life and Introducing the Heroine Journey

Intuitive Makeover

4 Weeks Audio Course $49

Intuitive Makeover is a 4 weeks telecourse that can help you to improve your current status of life dramatically. Intuitive Makeover here means a total transformation of your life that begins from going within, through your inner knowing and wisdom, to understand what has been holding you back, let go of those limitations and then go for what you truly want for your life. Success may mean different things to different people but in general, you have a good idea of how you want your life to be.

This program will help you to get started with some small changes and good habits that can bring you dramatic results, especially when you build them up over time.

Each week you will receive an audio download and handout with recommended actions for the week. A thousand mile begin with a single step, so start with the first step today!

Transcendental Romance

7 Weeks Video Course

This course is for those who wish to experience romance that that goes beyond the ordinary and connects at the soul level. It also forms the foundation for nurturing and fulfilling relationships that are sustainable for the long haul. No matter you are single, in a relationship or consciously uncoupled, you can expect a transformation and evidence of divine love showing up in your life. “Transcendent” means going beyond ordinary limits and that is exactly what we are aiming for this course!

You will receive:
7 x Videos, 7 x Audio files, Course Handout and Workbook, Meditation Download and many more!

Release Date: Coming Soon!