Sze Wing Vetault, lovingly called by her colleagues as the modern day “Mary Poppins”…

she is a coach, speaker and writer in the field of personal development and spirituality. She empowers women and entrepreneurs to fully step into their power to create a life they truly desire.  In the last decade, Sze Wing has presented in Australia and Asia a range of workshops on personal development, feminine power, goddess archetypes, soul-mate relationships, intuition and more recently “How to start and grow purpose driven spiritually based businesses”.

Coaching isn’t about therapy, but clarity. It helps to gain courage, momentum and makes people become extra-ordinary. It leads to a path of least resistance and a road less travelled.

SzeWing coaches conscious individuals and purpose driven entrepreneurs to a fulfilling, well-balanced and successful life. She speaks, writes and promotes in the health & wellness industry. She is the co-founder of Lighten Up Summit, author and teacher of Feminine Power & Goddess Archetypes, editor for GratitudeOnline, consultant for publishing and media companies and creator of many online courses.

SzeWing left her hometown Hong Kong at the age of 16, lived in Norway and London before permanently moved to Sydney Australia. She has a highly analytical and process driven background as an economist and consultant. SzeWing holds a master degree from the prestigious London School of Economics & Political Sciences and worked for high profile institutions such as South Australia Government Treasury & Finance, Queensland Sunwater and a publicly listed company on London Stock Exchange. For over a decade now, she has immersed herself into practicing life-affirming modalities. She is a certified coach, intuitive, energy healer, hypnotherapist and regressionist.

Other more personal facts about SzeWing include her being a new mum, long time yogi and meditator, big fan of Joseph Campbell, previously Latin dance competitor & teacher, retired child actor and supporter of Indigenous Literacy Foundation, World Vision & Oxfam.

Sze Wing’s personal note:

I used to think of myself as someone who secretly has two types of personalities. Just like what Carl G. Jung described himself and his mother in his autobiography, Memories, Dreams and Reflections. On one hand I was trained as an analytical and pragmatic consultant in the field of business and numbers. On the other I am an intuitive and performer. My father is an actor and my mother used to be a professional dancer. I was performing on stage since the age of six. It was in fact my first paid job! I spent most of my childhood at the back stage of theaters, surrounded by adults and spirits that I did not fully understand. By the time I overcame my fear of the unknown spiritual realm, my acting career was over. For reasons I cannot be certain, perhaps it was the on set of my ugly duckling adolescence days or it was my unconscious mind that seek a different outward manifestation. But most evidently, the universe has a different plan for me. I was lead to a different path, a path that was not necessarily less travelled but certainly far from home. I left my family and Hong Kong at the age of 16 to study in Norway. I knew my life has changed forever with that decision. I went on to live in Europe for many years, and eventually I ventured to Australia, which is now home for my French husband and me.

In my life, there have always been loyal supporters that encouraged me to excel no matter how diverse my pursues may seem on the surface. There were also critics that never rest with their advices. As I kept on living, I came to learn that ultimately it is up to me to choose which camp to listen to. Success may look like one thing to some, but totally different for others. Our search for meaning and purpose is highly individual, as well as what makes one’s heart sings. It is solely an individual responsibility to find out who they are and who would they like to become. When we follow our bliss, the universe will respond by shedding light on opportunities and providing “meaningful coincidences” on our paths.

And that is the beginning of my work on Goddess Archetypes. Not only this subject of feminine psychology, mythologies and ancient wisdom interests me; I see meaning and purpose to share it with others as well. By knowing our natural archetypes, and what is perhaps at work in our unconscious mind, we understand who we are better. We learn how to honor our natural tendencies and embrace our deepest fears and desire. Inevitably we can identify the power within each of us that can transform our life. We grow, we emerge and we thrive. And it is my bliss to be able to coach and share with others who are called to walk on an authentic and inspired path.

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