What are Your Goddess Archetypes?

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Goddess Archetypes are the inner patterns of a woman’s psyche.

They represent the instinct, interest, aspiration, personality traits and behavioural pattern within us. We find goddesses in ancient mythologies, yet many of their images are still vividly embedded in our modern society. For instance, the image of Aphrodite is often associated with love and beauty, while Athena is linked to wisdom and craft. Their symbols transcend time, as we can draw ancient wisdom from mythologies and apply them with modern feminine psychological perspectives.

There are goddesses within every woman.

As a woman mature or challenged by external circumstances, her archetypal influences may shift. Some archetypes may become activated and energized in order for her to grow. By becoming aware of the active goddess archetypes in you, you will have a better understanding of who you are and who you want to become. You will gain insights to your unconscious mind and why you show up in the world the way you do. You will be more aware of your “goddess-given” gifts and talent as well as your shadow tendencies. When you suppress or unable to honor your archetypes, you will experience inner conflicts that can create roadblocks in developing and expressing your deepest potentials, which will limits your personal growth.

With better understanding and knowledge of yourself, you will ultimately set on a path of self-acceptance, self-love and true empowerment.

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom

~ Lao Tzu

And this is what I called a Heroine Journey, an adventure of personal transformation.

If you are curious to find out who are the active goddess archetypes in you, simply take the quiz I have provided for you above. If you would like to learn more about goddess archetypes, ancient feminine wisdom in modern context or be coached on your Heroin Journey, please join our community of modern day goddesses!